The Navajo Tribal Council certified Pueblo Pintado in the year of 1971. According to the local people, the chapter is known by Nahodeeshgiizh Ch’inilini, meaning water flowing from canyon. The Pueblo Pintado Chapter is named in English for the ruins of a Chacoan Great House, and it is located one and half mile north of Highway 9.

The Pueblo Pintado Chapter is located in Land Management District 15 of the Eastern Navajo Agency in northeast part of McKinley County, New Mexico. The Chapter land is on three counties which includes; Sandoval County and San Juan County, and McKinley County. The Chapter House is located 43 miles east of Crownpoint, New Mexico, 55 miles west of Cuba, New Mexico and 17 miles southeast of the world famous Chaco Culture National Historical Park. The chapter land base is in the “checkerboard area”, that includes Indian Allotment, Tribal Trust, Fee Lands, Private, Public Domain and BLM lands. Continental Divide runs through the chapter area.

Chapter Officials

Erlene Henderson – Chapter President

Donald Chee – Chapter Vice President

Cheryl Chavez – Chapter Secretary

Alex Sandoval – Land Board

Chapter Administration Staff:

Janice Arthur – Community Service Coordinator

Alberta Ballard – Accounts Maintenance Specialist